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Teeth are lost for many reasons including; decay, gum disease, injury, medical and congenital problems, and wear. Missing teeth have an immediate negative impact on one's quality of life and general health.

Premier dental suiteoffers dental treatments for the restoration of dental function and replacement of teeth, including the placement of crowns on dental implants and implant retained dentures.

You want your teeth to have long-lasting, high quality restorations. Whether we are placing fillings, crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays, only the best materials and techniques will be used. Whenever possible, composite (tooth-colored filling material) or porcelain are used to keep your smile beautiful.

Endodontics (root-canal therapy), implant restoration, denture restoration, and other types of dental restorations are tailored to your particular needs and desires.

Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Therapy)

Root canal therapy is a sequence of treatments for removing the pulp of a tooth to eliminate infection and protect the tooth from future infection. Without treatment, the infection of the dental pulp will spread to the bone around the tooth and beyond.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer an alternative to root canal therapy. In some cases dental implant surgery may be preferable and off a more secure anchor for crown replacements. Only a qualified dentist, after examining a patient's unique condition, can help the patient to decide which treatment is better.